New problems for retailers

As of June 1, 2021, the new rules for Ebay are in effect. Everything changes for sellers

ebay rules
Ebay is changing the rules and they will be effective immediately (Getty Images)

despite of Amazon is history e-commerce portal The most famous in the world, there are many other facts that stand up for themselves in front of the votes of millions of users every day. Impossible not to mention ebay, the true founder of this web sector who has managed to renew himself through the years.

As we have explained several times, starting with June 1, 2021 The new laws. These mainly affect retailers, with immediate changes completely upsetting the entire flow of actions. Six years later enter into a partnership with PayPal, For a few days it can no longer be used in any way.

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Ebay Says Goodbye to PayPal: Here’s What’s Changing

Sellers will no longer be able to use PayPal as a payment method (Getty Images)

If you are a distributor of ebay and you used PayPal, you know that from June 1, 2021 The rules have completely changed. Access to direct debit becomes mandatory Personal bank accountsOn pain of restricting or even removing the ads themselves. The BBC has made this clear, reporting – at least for now – that the new rule is not about buyers: buyers can continue to Pay with PayPal.

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However, there is no shortage of complaints Even by sellers. Commissions added to the buying and selling process have now increased. If before it was 10%, now Ebay reserves 12.8% of the final amount. Payments will also take two business days to transfer funds, while it only takes a few hours with PayPal. There was no shortage of complaints from the community to the new Terms of Service.

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