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New opportunities for growth and export in Europe for partners

Amazon The launch of a new offer will allow sales associates Expand your business to nine different European stores in just a few clicks.

around European Economic Area (European Expansion Accelerator), a European expansion accelerator that will give customers access to millions of products by automating the process of placing Amazon sales partner products across all stores in Europe and the UK.

Amazon itself explains how the system works.

Through the EEA, Amazon Selling Partners can access the Seller Central page, discover stores they aren’t in yet, and expand their business here with just a few clicks. Will account registration, account setup, account translations, ad creation, shipping setup, product eligibility checks, and catalog customizations It is done automatically in three working days.

Selling partners can choose to expand to one store at a time or to all nine stores in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Belgium at the same time. The new system – Amazon confirms – allows Constant expansion of new products and contacts Through customized suggestions for each country of reference. The program automatically identifies the original store and repeats the same information in the different stores where you want to expand your offer.

Customers, in turn, will benefit from it New products, attractive prices and faster delivery options. Amazon will also continue to offer Selling Partners the same benefits and access to critical tools such as payment processing, credit card fraud protection, promotional features, and reporting services.

Accelerator of expansion in Europe is Free and available to all Professional Sales Associates with at least one active European Amazon account In France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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Learn more about the European Expansion Accelerator Download the guide in Italianin PDF format, from Amazon.

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