New model is on sale in Australia, let’s see the changes discovered –

Several reports A new model from PS5 Unearthed for sale in Australia, in particular, but perhaps also popular in other markets that carry one Especially visible novelty, except for other potential internal changes that have not yet been identified.

Let’s talk about one simple review The hardware, identified with a different code and derived from a slightly different production process, as it typically occurs periodically throughout the console’s lifecycle rather than a truly different model, so the differences are minimal.

with select Code “CFI-1102A”The PS5 in question is in both standard and digital versions but is currently only in Australia, with no other distinct character visible from the outside on the packaging.

PS5, the new model on sale in Australia, has a different mounting screw, which can be manually flipped
PS5, the new model on sale in Australia, has a different mounting screw, which can be manually flipped

The most obvious difference inside the new PS5 is screw fixing Used to position the console vertically: The image above indicates the new screw in question, even if it’s not official information yet.

As you can see, this is a screw that can be turned directly by hand More easily, without the use of a screwdriver, which makes Sony’s chosen radiator mount system somewhat practical for positioning your console vertically or horizontally.

Others did not appear Differences, for now, waiting to be understood if changes have been made to internal elements that could mitigate the potential presence of file tune or similar modifications that users expect. In the meantime, we recall that Sony has opened up the possibility of installing SSD drives to expand the internal memory by updating the new system in the beta version, while it appeared that the company has components to produce another 4.7 million consoles in 2021.

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