New macOS malware

Apple operating system Recently, B. Malware Known as Silver Sparrow, Which is hidden in one of the Safari. Researchers Red canary In cooperation with Malicious software They have identified and reported malware, which has inevitably already spread to over 30,000 systems.

New macOS malware detected

Silver Sparrow The server checks once an hour to verify commands or executable files. The malware includes a deep self-removal tool, which is a feature designed to leave no trace. 153 countries are affected by malware, including USA, UK, Canada, France and Germany. The Malware Exploits l’Amazon Web Services e Akamai, Content Distribution Network.

There are currently two versions of Malware, One for each system Intel x86_64 and one for the M1. Apple, city, cat Already revoked the developer certification for both versions. Silver Sparrow Once installed, look for the address where the package was downloaded from without doing anything malicious at the moment, but it could go into effect at any time.

a Malware still Malware, Although it appears harmless at the moment. As always, we recommend that you do not install unofficial extensions in your browser, which may hide threats, and also ensure that they are present. Malicious software to me Protect your macOS from malware.

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