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The official Twitter account of elden ring Posted New image From the highly anticipated new title from From Software that depicts a booty call that Lightless could get his hands on during his adventures in Interregnum.

It’s only a few months until Elden Ring, From Software, and Bandai Namco are sipping on information about the game. For this reason, even a simple photo like the one published today is able to interest fans.

The shot, which you can see below, is accompanied by the phrase “In the search for the Elden Ring, the enterprising and persistent will always be rewardedIt specifically shows an attractive casket that was found on a wagon accompanied by several men.

Elden Ring, the new image shared by From Software

The image can indicate that there are dynamic events in the game world by From Software. For example, in this case, he may decide without light, tempted by the rewards hidden in the chest, to storm the companion guarding the treasure. Obviously at your own risk.

Elden Ring will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One and PC starting from Jan 21 2022. In a recent interview, a representative for Bandai Namco said that the software house with Elden Ring is targeting a wider audience than the Dark Souls audience.

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