New health card, revolution of this year

Health card, changes and news is coming that will relate to this important personal document that has replaced the tax code.

New health card
New health card 2022 –

Among the innovations that come with the new health card is a more modern design.

New health card, news

at the initiative of The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MeF), and the Revenue Agency, some innovation has been made to the new health card, and we’re going to have to start receiving it at home.

Among the innovations looming regarding the health card, one new design Which has a modern aspect that gives the document a more “patriotic” character.

From March 1, 2022 ADThe new, widespread health card, however, consists of a plastic backing the size of a credit card. With this document, you can access the services of the National Health Service, for example, laboratory tests or hospitalization.

Doctor of pharmacy health card
Doctor of Pharmacy, Health Card –

In addition, it also acts as a tax code as well as from National Service Cardin order to access the various public administration portals through the specified reader.

In addition, there are classic references to the subject, which are very useful for the purpose of acquaintance in some cases. Accordingly, the name, surname, date of birth, gender, start date and place of birth with the annexed governorate.

at renewed graphics, some icons are absent when compared to the previous version. Moreover, for those who live and reside in the province of Bolzano, there are inscriptions In Italian and German.

Identification data, magnetic stripe, validity

On the other hand, on the other side of the new card is the classic magnetic stripe. This is accompanied by a bar code, the country that issued the document and other identifying data of a technical nature. Moreover, in this case, too, the health card can be delivered to the house by mail.

In the specific case it will be Revenue Agency Competence Determine the correct residence or residence address, as mentioned in the tax register.

For obvious reasons, if there is a change in domicile as well as in residence, the relevant office must be reported immediately.

The Card validity period Still stable at six years. Its acquisition, as well as its subsequent update, will, as always, remain completely free.

The main function of the card is insurance against diseases and the ability to benefit from healthcare treatments in the member states of the European Union. As well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

New health card
New health card –

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