New Gymnasium North St. John’s. Civics on the offensive

Arezzo July 17, 2023 – prof saint john, In the northern region of the city a sports club To meet the needs of students and local associations. Where are we? they asked, with one Questioning already deposited, lists of civil Sangiovannesi, Who will address this issue at the next city council meeting. The sports facility has been, in recent years, the focus of a long-running dispute between the province of Arezzo and the municipal administration. Citizens demanded clarification of the matter and at certain times, noting that the municipality should have signed the business establishment contract by last June 30.

“We are now in July, and when a few weeks ago we raised the question of the expiration of the terms of the agreement between the prefecture and the municipality, we were told that the important thing is to do it by 2025, – emphasized the minority. – Well, even the additional deadline for the agreement, which is June 30, has been exceeded All that remains is a request reliable table and he explained how the total amount needed to build a gymnasium would be covered, given that only one part of the county did not seem sufficient. 17 years later – we added the civic rolls – we still have to order the schedule. The only logical thing was to set up a commission to show how such administrative havoc could happen. And we asked for it, but this became San Giovanni, unfortunately. And the credit goes to the Democratic Party alone.”

Remember the civil lists conference Provided by the Municipality of San Giovanni and the Province of Arezzo on August 30, 2021 for the construction of a gymnasium. The agreement, as mentioned in the question that will be discussed in the next city parliament, is that the Wadi Wadi administration will announce on December 31 of the same year the method of carrying out the work. “Contact not made – civil rolls concluded – effectively terminated by one of the terms laid down in the agreement.” The minority group then asked the mayor to schedule the interventions needed to allow the construction of the gym no later than June 30, 2025, the deadline set by the Arezzo Provincial Congress.

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