New generation stadiums are sustainable and resilient, not just for sports

The time for the traditional stadium project we’re used to is over. Sports architecture is now innovative structures with a strong connection to outer space and the city. Diverse social spaces offering a non-repetitive experience of raising the quality of entertainment to more “emotional” forms of society. Real green areas dedicated to sports but also cultural, leisure and entertainment centers that turn places into social gathering places for leisure. For this reason, the design area for creating these places should be a research laboratory consisting of a team of experts. The architecture firm, most famous worldwide for having developed a long experience in this sector, Populous. Founded in 1983, the company consists of more than 700 people and has offices in more than 35 countries around the world. Headquartered in London, the company has just opened its first Italian office in Milan led by Declan Sharkey, Managing Director, and Silvia Prandelli, Managing Director. Among the more than 3,000 designed sports facilities, 1,300 stadiums and 85 arenas, the completed Populous 2020 Climate Pledge Arena will open in Seattle (Washington), UBS Arena in New York and 2023 Co-Op-Live in Manchester (UK). Designing sustainable solutions and creating unexpected and unprecedented solutions so that structures do not have a significant impact on the environment and on the planet’s increasingly scarce resources is the mission of Populous, which is shared by the entire team and the company’s CEO in EMEA, Christopher Lee. Architect Declan Sharkey, who has gone on to design a series of exhibition and entertainment venues in Italy, Finland, Spain, Denmark and Ireland, said the confrontation between the group and the internal debate determines the success of the projects. Sports facilities in the United Kingdom, India and China.

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