New game in pre-production, big progress with Unreal Engine 5 –

CD Projekt RED provided some updates on the work going on in the team, and also talked about New game from The Witcheror what should start a “new epic” of video games focused on the series, which appears to have entered Pre-production and does Big progress with Unreal Engine 5.

The new game, which was announced to be in development but not yet identified as Witcher 4Although it’s actually the fourth chapter of the main series, it’s officially gone into pre-production, so work is in progress even if it’s not actually development for an existing project.

“We are very excited to be able to revisit the universe that has built our history up to this point,” Piotr Nielubowicz, CEO of CD Projekt RED, said in a recent video for shareholders and investors. The search phase is over In the first game in the new saga of The Witcher, which means that from now on all expenses related to equipment will be included in the budget document. ”

In practice, the more general research phase on the use of new technologies, in particular the Unreal Engine 5, the new engine used by The Witcher team after giving up the proprietary engine of CD Projekt RED, is over. At this point, the team is entering a more advanced stage and already experiencing a lot Increase in “efficiency” Using Unreal Engine 5, which can compress development times in the face of more advanced technical results.

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