New floods are expected in eastern Australia. Peaking up to 500 mm in Queensland is possible. « 3B Weather

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australia floods
australia floods

The weather in eastern Australia is worrying, with heavy rain falling in these hours, especially affecting Queensland. Indeed, in recent days, the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology, The National Weather Service has issued a weather alert Due to the arrival of heavy rain and thunderstorms in the northeastern part of QueenslandAnd Which will mainly affect the coast between Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 May. Cities like Townsville or Herbert can receive it Up to 500 mm of rainwith potential flood events. Only in the last few hoursaccording to data collected by sensors to detect precipitation on the ground, Some controllers have measured more than 100mm fallen in the past 24 hours Once again, it rains with moderate to heavy intensity.

A deep, stable crater in southern Australia is responsible for the bad weather afflicting the northeastern part of the country these days, drawing extremely hot and humid air from the equatorial Pacific. This mass of air, in fact, generates vertical phenomena continually in slow motion from west to east, insisting for several hours on the same areas, Thus, it brings an amount of rain that often falls in one monthAs already happened between February and last March.

Australia is not accustomed to experiencing events of this severity, being subject to real processes of extreme weather events, as reported in a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with increasingly heavy and violent rains.

The authorities say that in the next two days, the west coast of the country will also be affected by a severe deterioration in the weather For the arrival of a cold front that brings with it heavy rainGeneral Electric in Western Australia. The latest emissions model predicts peaks of 40-50 mm on the southwest coastaffecting in particular the city of Perth.

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