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Plane Boeing 777 Forced to forced landing at an airport Moska SheremetyevoAfter an engine problem.

According to the French News Agency, the Russian Airlines Company reported this news.

The flight – a cargo ship – was on the Hong Kong-Madrid route when, according to sources, the commander reported a left engine failure and requested an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo.

The engine problems for these aircraft have, in recent days, multiplied. Last weekend, in the United States, An engine exploded and chunks of fan caps landed in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Aircraft of the same type landed in the United States, Japan and South Korea, and Boeing then grounded all 128 777 aircraft in service around the world equipped with the Pratt & Whitney engine. None of those aircraft were in service in Italy.

According to reports from Wall Street JournalAnd the Boeing had been planning to make changes to its jet engine bonnets before recent malfunctions. It is clear from the US Federal Aviation Administration document that talks between Boeing to alter engine hoods between Boeing and the US controlling body began after two similar failures, both of which occurred in 2018, one on 777 operated by United Airlines Holdings and the other on Southwest Airlines 737. The structure was, according to The documentation, however, has various flaws, and Boeing decided to redesign the fan bonnets rather than attempting to modify existing fan hoods to address both structural strength issues and. Moisture problems.

Yesterday, the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a $ 6.6 million fine on Boeing for multiple security deficiencies.

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The USA and Boeing 777-200 Engine Burning: Everything You Need to Know
the incident

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