New Digital Land, 30 Million TVs of Change: Whichever Compatible

Starting this year, Italians will have to purchase new ones Televisions e Decode Digital. On that date, 4.0 TV entered our country. The first phase of change began on January 1, 2020, when Channels 50, 51, 52 and 53 were born. Indeed, it was on half of Italians Return List of channels to continue receiving the full show. But with the second phase beginning this fall, the first technological step will arrive, across the region, when broadcasters start transmitting using coding. MPEG-4, And abandon the current MPG-2 standard.

A New Digital Land, 30 Million TVs of Change: An Unforgettable History

As per estimates about 30 million televisions They will stop operating because they are unable to support the channels in it very accurate. They will need to be replaced with hardware and decoders that have been sold to the public as of January 2017 and approved for this transition. In particular, the second and third home televisions can be turned on with Screen Nero From September 1, 2021, While there shouldn’t be major changes for most major televisions, they are more expensive and technological in general. The standard has been around for over 10 years and even older televisions may support it.

A New Digital Earth, 30 Million TVs of Change: The Steps

The new National Frequency Assignment Plan will be implemented from September 1 to June 20, 2022. Pnaf provides progressive transmission of all channels currently on the digital Earth. All residents will be affected by change by summer of next year, and modernization Just a few quick questions This should happen automatically on newer devices.

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In 10 days’ time between June 21 and June 30, 2022, the second technology transition from DVB-T a DVB-T2. To continue watching TV live, you’ll need to purchase compatible receivers. New DTTs have already been on sale since January 2017, and to be sure you have one, you need to read the indicator Dvbt-2 Hevc Main 10 In the user guide.

New Digital Earth: How to Check if Your TV is Compatible

New sending and encoding standards allow images and sound to be received from files Outstanding qualityIt will provide viewers with a better TV experience. To find out if you have devices suitable for the transition envisaged by the 700 MHz band program, you can, after resetting the list, go to the channels 100 (Ray) or 200 (Mediaset).

If the TV has a digital terrestrial set-top box Compatible with the new standardsOne has to show Blue screen Exam. On the contrary, it will be necessary to purchase new devices, and also take advantage of TV bonus To the government.

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