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from 20 october, New digital groundAiming to change our relationship with television. Simply put, many Italians will have to buy a decoder or directly change the old TV. But not now. To explain it is a salesman, insider, in the agency forget.

In other words, it is “the transition from a normal definition standard to advertising channels very accurate“, or HD. From Rai and Mediaset, all channels from 501 onwards will be in HD.” Currently, many TVs will continue to watch TV normally – the seller explains -. Then from June 2022 and then, probably, from January 2023 cI’ll be the last turn off, which will be more substantial, because it will pass the TV with a stretch New HEVC Decoder. This likely means that many TVs will need decoders or will need to be replaced to display the TV normally.”

Television, the paradigms to get rid of: a digital terrestrial revolution, which ones and when they no longer work

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How to check if our TV is already set up for change? For this month just go to the channels 501, 502, 503 and beyondAnd you can watch channels instantly. It must be visible and audible. For the most important shutdown, there are currently two test channels, one of which is placed on channel 100 and one on channel 200. A solid white screen on a blue background should appear on the TV, with the words “Shift test“”.

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