New Digital Earth Countdown: What Happens After March 8

The transition to digital terrestrial DVB-T2 began last year and is nearing completion. The catchment date is March 8. After that day, all national and local broadcasters must have completed the migration from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, a codec that will allow better viewing thanks to with high quality from sending. Besides the more severe technological issues, it is necessary to know that after March 8 all TVs will have to be restarted. An operation performed with the remote control after which some channels may no longer be visible. It will depend on the TVs. There is no problem for the newer generation or those with compatible decoders capable of receiving MPEG4 channels, owners of older ones, who only receive MPEG2, will have to manually search for frequencies given to broadcasters to transmit using the old code. The new signal will not be received.

Channel List

After reset, here is the automatic channel list After March 8 With major broadcasters it will take first places by default as always but transmission with MPEG4 is not visible so for those who do not have compatible TV and decoders.

From 10 onwards there will be channels for local broadcasters, in MPEG4 or MPEG2 version for local broadcasters still broadcasting with the old system. National MPEG2 channels will be after 500 where HDs are now. For RaiNews24, the calendar varies in different regions. In Lombardy, the info channel was already converted to MPEG4 on January 20.

How to check if the TV is compatible

If by setting your TVs to channels 100 and 200 you can see a screen with a white square with the words “Test Hevc main”, then your TV is suitable for receiving the new signal. So it will not be necessary to buy a new TV or a new TV. Just reset the device. If you have a TV that was purchased before 2015, you almost certainly won’t see anything (after 2022 until that date Rai, Mediaset and other TV companies will continue to transmit with dual signal). But at this point, you will then need a new TV or set-top box. Or an over the air antenna.

Citizens who need to change the TV or buy a set-top box will be able to continue to demand the bonuses made available by Mise, whose resources were, “at the will of Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Under Secretary Anna Ascani, which was refinanced with 68 million euros in the Budget Law 2022 ,” explains the note of advantage.

Home decoder has been delivered for more than 70 years
A new facility is also included in the maneuver which provides for the delivery of decoders to the home of elderly people over 70 with an income of less than 20,000 euros, through a special agreement between the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Post Office. In addition, Mise has already started cooperation with the regions involved in the frequency reorganization that will begin on January 3 to coordinate communication initiatives aimed at wide reach to all municipalities involved.

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