New content program arrives until 2022 –

age of empires 4 has his own a program Already established in relation to me New content coming soon From this winter to spring 2022 and beyond, with some predictions Microsoft has made in the past few hours with an official post on Xbox Wire.

An update was released on November 15 by patch 7879It mainly focuses on performance tweaks and various system updates, mostly with game management update and various post-launch fixes. New contents are expected to arrive at a later time, considering that even for the winter of 2021, at the moment, only another improvement and a corrective update are planned.

L’update dell’iWinter 2021 It should bring many changes in terms of balance: we are talking about hundreds of items changed through the update, with bug fixes and some tweaks to the main elements of the strategy game in question.

Age of Empires 4 Roadmap Update

Among the novelties there are players’ points in the game and some changes touser interface, such as moving some buttons on the screen, the ability to see the map after matches and some improvements applied to the mini-map, as well as various bug fixes and other balancing initiatives.

. Tools Create content By users, to enrich the game by the community, start ranked seasons, leagues, and various bug and performance mods. After that, further developments are expected among the artificial intelligence, waypoint pointers, other changes to the interface and new content.

On the other hand, Microsoft has already stated that Age of Empires 4 will be an ever-evolving platform with updates and competitive seasons, while we’re still waiting to know something about its potential arrival on consoles, as the team appears to be working on it. But he has to figure out how to do it.

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