New commitment, you can no longer drive on the road with the car positioned like this: the ban is absolute

When we drive a car or a motorcycle, there are a lot of rules of behavior that need to be followed, according to the Highway Code. We all know the basic rules, but there are more private and less talked about rules that not many people know about. But the law does not recognize ignorance, so in this article we will share with you some of these rules that you should know in order not to risk serious consequences.

The duties of the driver on the road and the highway are numerous: the obligation not to dirty the ground, not to throw leaves and butts out the window, not to pour oil or fuel on the asphalt (and if this happens, contact the appropriate authorities).

Muddy wheels.

Among the driver’s license exams that are often offered to those who have to pass the theory test to obtain a driver’s license, you may happen to come across the following question: Is it forbidden to drive with mud on your wheels, and if so, what is the rule of the road code that contains this rule? ?

You don’t have to be a driver to follow the rules. The latter is written in the list and can simply be studied and then saved. However, what can happen is that some of the situations foreseen by the Highway Code practically do not occur in the area where we live, so over time the rules memorized during the tests are forgotten.

But the law does not admit ignorance, and the fines, even for those who are well-meaning, are inflexible, unless the agent who stopped you and found you in violation decided to turn a blind eye if the damage caused was not serious or not serious. Practically nothing.

So if you are curious to know if Driving in mud on wheels is prohibited, you have come to the correct page. Below we will explain what the road code says in this regard.

Mud on Wheels: What the CdS Say and the Penalties You Risk

The first part of the road code, specifically Title II, Articles 13 to 45Deals explicitly with roads and their maintenance. The obligations to be respected are determined by the owner of the land (who can be municipal, state or district property) and the driver of the vehicle.

The article expressly states the following:Carrying or spreading mud or debris even as car or motorcycle wheels enter driveways and branches. If not, then there is a file Administrative penalty for payment of an amount between 41 and 168 euros.

In addition to mud spreading left and right and splattering on public roads, having mud-filled tires is risky because it impairs the vehicle’s grip and braking ability. So it is better not to risk it.

In short, If you are coming from a dirt road Because you were in the country after a heavy rain, Better go to the car wash first.

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