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Youtube It is one test New feature a call Pins, Which allows you to create and share videos up to 60 seconds long starting from videos already uploaded on the platform, as is a bit on Twitch. This way it becomes possible to share the most interesting moments, without having to report the entire movie every time.

As mentioned, each part will have one The maximum duration 60 seconds and can be created using the Clip button in the bottom bar directly below the video, which will open the entire editor with a timeline. With it you can define the boundaries of the clip and share it on various social network.

If you’re interested in trying the new feature, there’s a video with the clip button already in place. You can find it Click here.

Unlike Twitch, clips created on YouTube are not actual new videos. It’s the original video in which the start point, end point, and loop are all put. Each clip will allow you to instantly watch the full video, and stay on the same page.

Another big difference with Twitch clips is YouTube clips They will not be publicly listed Anywhere, so there will be no chance to explore user-created clips. You can only share it with whoever you want.

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