New Car Bonuses: Pure Gasoline and Diesel. What changes

As Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti predicted, the Car Incentives They will not be limited to electric cars only.

The confirmation seems to come from the same drafts of the ruling, with which the government will try to give a boost to the sector that is facing great difficulty.“Incentives of 1 billion euros per year until 2030 will accompany the transition process that relates to a key sector in the country”Giorgetti said during the press conference that the next measures were announced. Thus, the intent is not to limit resource allocation to electric vehicles only, but to “Encouraging the purchase of environmentally compatible cars”.

What can happen

From the draft ruling it is clear that incentives should be divided into Three bands, broken down by carbon dioxide emissions generated, which also includes gasoline and diesel cars. The first range would be for electric cars (CO2 emissions between 0/20g CO2), the second for plug-in hybrids (21/60g CO2), and the third to mild hybrid, full hybrid, petrol, diesel, and methane/petroleum gas liquefied, with CO2 emissions between 61/135 grams).

The contribution weight will be more suitable for those who choose to buy an electric vehicle and to disassemble At the same time, a used vehicle of a category less than 5 euros (maximum 9 thousand euros). For the second band (21/60 grams of CO2) a maximum reward of 7 thousand euros should be provided, while for the last band, which also includes petrol / diesel cars, the ceiling will be around 3 thousand euros with scrapping included.

Drafts also show that not all cars that fall within the above contribution ranges will have the opportunity to access incentives. In fact, there should be a maximum spending between 35 thousand euros for the first two bands and 25 thousand euros for the third. In the event that the judgment takes this form definitively, the bonus It can also include petrol/diesel versions of models such as the Kia Sportage, Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade and Compass.

But as expected, these are just drafts for now. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be perfect harmony within the executive branch: some parties are pushing to limit access to the auto bonus only to cars with an emissions limit of 110g/km and to improve the ceiling further. Maximum spending on electricity cars.

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