“New attacks also in Belgorod,” the Russians denounced other Ukrainian raids in Russia after Klimov

A new Ukrainian attack denounced by Russia. TASS quoted the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, as saying that two Russian villages in the Gayvoron region on the border with Ukraine were bombed by Ukrainian forces. From what has been learned so far, there will be no civilian casualties. The residents were evacuated. “Ukraine bombed the village of Spodaryushino. “There were no civilian casualties,” Gladkov said. cable.

“Attack” in the Bryansk region

Two buildings on Russian soil were said to have been subjected to a Ukrainian raid, according to the accusation of the governor of Russia’s Bryansk region, Alexander Borgomaz. According to agency reports taxthe attack had damaged two apartment buildings in the village of Klimovo, about 10 kilometers from the border with Ukraine: “There are casualties among the residents – says Governor Borgomaz – medical assistance is underway to provide the necessary medical assistance and services of the Ministry of Emergencies has been activated ». According to TASS, he was injured Seven people including a pregnant woman and a baby.The attack comes the day afterwarning Moscow, which, through the Ministry of Defense, threatened to strike: “Ukrainian decision-making centers have so far escaped, even in Kyiv,” in case the Ukrainian army continues to attack facilities on Russian territory. Prior to the April 14 attack, the only known precedent was Raid on the fuel depot in Belgorod.

A video broadcast on Telegram channels shows a shed in the village of Klimovo, in the Bryansk region, on fire. According to the Kyiv version, there is no evidence that the Ukrainians caused the fire, but the fire could be “spontaneous”.

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