New Android Auto is in beta

For several months we know the news that she has in the pipeline The Google for Android AutoYour own platform to easily connect your platform smart phone to the car for a complete infotainment experience. Finally it seems that there are gods important effects.

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We are clearly talking about Cool Walkterminology for New graphic interface Developed by Google for Android Auto that is expected to revolutionize Google’s infotainment system. So far in fact Just a lucky few They were able to test the new Android Auto.

Over the past six months, Google He was working hard To develop and finalize the new version of Android Auto, thanks Feedback provided by users who tested it. Finally, it looks like the first public beta is ready for global release.

So let’s see what to expect from the all-new Android Auto, In light of the latest changes Provided by Google:

New app bar

The Pictures Which you find below clearly shows one of the great news that awaits us with the new Android Auto.

there will be Application bar With a central layout to make multitasking. The icon we will always find will be an icon mapsWhere it is obviously intended for a system intended for use in cars, others will depend on the user’s habits and usage. In the truly From this bar we see the indicator of the phone signal, battery and notifications. On the the left See the direct link to activate the Google Assistant.

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split interface

One of the main features of the new Android Auto is its accessibility split screen To host two applications side by side at the same time. The Google Maps section will occupy one larger part of the screen For obvious reasons.

The second part of the screen will be Movingwhich means the user will be able to open the app for i multimedia content The one he uses most often and which is ready to host the app if he gets a call phone To manage calls.

Still in the context of the new Android GUI, there improvements Also for multimedia applications. The picture below shows how I am buttons To manage multimedia playback change shape According to the same operating condition.

The appearance of unread notifications and messages has also been revamped, and it looks like it More understandable and instant. In general, it seems that the new Android Auto wants to provide a user experience More immediate and accessibleCloser to what Apple offers than CarPlay.

Over the past six months, we’ve seen the new Android Auto has evolvedMost likely thanks to the leaks that leak on the network periodically Submit any serious issues Selected by users who tested it in the preview.

When is the new Android Auto coming?

The new version of Android Auto is release him general in Trial version. Obviously, those who are only Participants For beta program will get it. Others will have to wait at least a few more weeks.

Unfortunately, the Android Auto beta has been around for a long time now, with little hope of expanding it soon.

For those who fail to sign up for the beta, all is not lost. It is still possible try now Manually install the latest Google beta. this is the address for Download and install apk. However, at the moment, there are no assurances that this solution really allows you to get the latest version of Android Auto, as it appears to be based largely on a server-side update.

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