New alpha 3.17.2 video about FPS stages and Siege of Orison event –

Star Citizen continues to show itself in videoin this case with a new update from Cloud Imperium Games called “Second Life,” which showcases two interesting space simulation innovations: Surface preparation And the new event FPS Siege of Orison.

All these features are provided withinAlpha 3.17.2, which should enrich the game with more innovations. So the first part of the video shows this wreck laying on the roof of Microtech, a ship wrecked on land and at the same time becoming a kind of outpost for a faction of NPCs.

The video allows you to see something of the Star Citizen deck setup, which in this case features lush vegetation. Also, in the stages inside the ship, it is possible to get an idea of interior It can be explored in stages in first person shooter style.

Staying on the FPS theme, the second part of the video also features aSiege of Orison Event, which takes place live in the first-person shooter component of Star Citizen. In fact, the space simulation, as we know, will consist of different events and different sections in the style of FPS, as we see in this case.

In the meantime, the game’s crowdfunding has exceeded the quota 483 million dollars And he continues his career, in addition to the number of registered users, which has now exceeded 3.9 million. Back in May, we watched a video about Star Citizen’s AI and NPC features, as well as other videos about refueling and gameplay.

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