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Never mind Rome or the United States, Barbara Alberti is sure: «Carbonara? I was born in Umbertide »

Umbertide (Perugia) – But which Rome? But which United States? In the culinary dispute between the orthodoxy of typical Italian cuisine and overseas shooters who want carbonara born in the United States, a third method could arrive that could get everyone to agree.

Ambryn writer and screenwriter (to be exact, from Umbertide) Barbara Alberti entered the debate with a straight leg. According to Alberti, the famous and delicious dish based on spaghetti, eggs and bacon (for heaven’s sake! Don’t you dare mention bacon), would have been born in Ambertide. The writer told a delicious anecdote on Rai 1, during the “La vita in Directe” episode on April 6: «The carbonara? I was born in Umbertide. It is the village of butchers, where much pork is eaten. My grandmother always told me “They say it’s Roman, it’s not true. The emo carbonara that we others invented. In Rome they have the Pope, and in Umpertide we have the Carbonara »». Obligatory translation for non-native speakers: «They say it is Roman but it is not true. In Rome they have the Pope, and in Umbertide we have Carbonara ».
The pearl of wisdom “Sura Elvira” (as Alberti’s paternal grandmother was called) has yet to be verified, but we, as true Umbrians, take it at face value. Happy carbonara everyone.

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