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Network of US and NATO spies active in Ukraine to obtain intelligence assistance

A network of spies and agents from the United States and other NATO countries will be active in Ukraine, facilitating the supply of weapons, the exchange of intelligence and the training of Ukrainian forces. This was stated by “The New York Times”, quoting official US and European sources.

According to what the newspaper reconstructed, although a significant part of these activities will take place outside Ukraine (for example at NATO bases in Germany, France and the United Kingdom), some sources have confirmed that a certain number of CIA agents. Agency staff will be mainly in Kyiv to coordinate the exchange of intelligence information with the Ukrainian authorities. Moreover, according to three US officials who remained anonymous, the country has “a few dozen commandos” from the UK, France, Canada and Lithuania, committed to training Ukrainian forces and ensuring the passage of weapons and other aid. The same sources had specified that these formations are not on the front line with Ukrainian forces, and are limited to assisting Ukrainian forces and providing information from headquarters located elsewhere, or through encrypted communications. Moreover, their presence will be “known” to Russian intelligence services.

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