Netflix when sharing an account: the cost of sharing a password

Netflix starts account sharing pressure: password sharing will have costs

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Having already announced it, Netflix He starts pressing account share: The platform actually decided Charges extra For users who share their password with friends and family.

The streaming service said it would require subscribers in five countries in Central and South America to pay Extra $2.99 ​​per month to add “second home” to their accounts. For those who think that the novelty will still be associated only with the United States, fall into the error: The campaign to share passwords will spread all over the world.

Earlier this year, the company announced its first subscriber drop in more than a decade. It’s a sharp turnaround for a company that has seen seemingly unstoppable growth for years — revolutionizing the way entertainment is, disrupting the traditional TV and movie business.

Its status as a giant force has been solidified with the pandemicand people — stuck at home with few other entertainment options — flocked to the catwalk catalog.

But with pre-pandemic habits back, Netflix is ​​struggling to attract new memberships and maintain the loyalty of existing subscribers.

But isn’t Netflix making bad choices? Rising prices have prompted people in countries like the US and UK to cancel their subscriptions, as a number of new competitors, such as Disney+, have tempted audiences around the world to change their minds.

Recent research indicates that people are signing up more and more to watch certain shows, and then canceling their account once they are done watching.

It is still unclear how families will respond to requests for more funds for joint accounts, but It probably won’t be a positive thing.

“When things were going well, Netflix could have ignored account sharing, but now it makes sense – for the platform – to try to take advantage of the pockets of people sharing passwords, even at the risk of alienating some of them.”has announced Jay BisonCEO of Ampere Analysis. “I think they will probably gain more than they would lose doing that.”.

In addition to trying to get more money from existing audiences by cracking down on password sharing, Netflix said it will test a low-cost subscription.

source: BBC News

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