Netflix: stop smartass | The end of an era for all

the broadcast services That allow you to enjoy TV series and movies are now becoming more and more popular. Over the years, more and more people have given up television to throw themselves completely into using streaming platforms, which are capable of delivering A wide range of options For all tastes.

Among the many streaming platforms that are beginning to enter the lives of each and every one of us, Some have carved out spaces for themselves concession for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s exclusive content or features that others don’t have, everything now has its own preferences. With the proliferation of platforms, many have had to choose which of the many subscriptions to stay active.

One of the streaming giants who, since the advent of these platforms, has been a point of reference for any user is Netflix. The American company, founded in 1997, arrived in Italy only in October 2015 almost recently. From that moment, thanks to the desire of many to experience this new multimedia experience and the contribution of unique and good content, Netflix has carved out a place in the homes of many Italians, reaching a peak 9.2 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022.

Netflix and subscriptions

The Netflix logo on the TV

Job which always allowed a Netflix to stay ahead All of its competitors certainly have a variety of subscriptions that can be subscribed to. While other streaming services have a single subscription plan, perhaps on a yearly basis, forcing users to shell out the entire amount for one solution, Netflix we’ve seen for a long time.

Who will decide meSubscribe to Netflix To enjoy one of the content that causes the most discussion on the Internet such as Stranger Things or Wednesday, you will have the possibility to choose among the different options that best suit your needs and, above all, your pocket.

There are three subscription plans currently active in Italy:

  • basic plan€7.99 per month where you can only watch and download Netflix on one device at a time. Since November 2022 supports HD
  • Standard plan: 12.99 euros per month with which you can watch and download movies and TV series on two devices simultaneously in Full HD
  • Premium plan: €17.99 per month with which you can watch and download movies and TV series on up to four devices simultaneously in Ultra HD.

Since November, a new subscription formula has also been tested in the US, namely Basic plan with advertising which, at a discount d5.49 euros It offers (almost) the same catalog, the same basic plan methods but sometimes ads are inserted while watching. However, it is not clear whether this plan will continue to be implemented given the preliminary results indicated We talk to you here.

“Are you really?”

Choose a Netflix account
Who’s watching?

The American broadcast giant has been revealing for some time now Intent to boycott a now well-established practice among Netflix users: account division. Already at this moment many users, By choosing plans with two or four usable devices, they manage Split the monthly expenses while using the service at the same time. In theory, this feature is intended for users who live in the same house.

in spite of that The job is among the most popular by users, prompting many to sign up for subscriptions they otherwise would not have, Netflix doesn’t want that This practice is ongoing and options to curb it are being explored.

The procedures will be tested first in America and will try to do so Reduce password sharing by 2023. In fact, US users will now receive a code on their mobile phones to activate the service. It also reports Republicthe default text that can be shown is <We’ve boycotted this Netflix show to make sure you’re really the one watching it>>.

the Three hypotheses There are three that will happen with this change by Netflix at the moment:

As already mentioned, there could be Sending a code to the subscriber’s mobile phone ID at each access to the service. If the user does not log in within a specified period of time, it will be logged out; Then there is the del option pay additional fees, as if it were an extra service; Finally, we consider a hypothesis be able to share the password Only with two people.

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