Netflix, on Android, everything is free: the extraordinary platform proposal

Netflix is ​​currently being tested, and is considering making its service free for Android users. But there are limitations

Netflix catalog may become free in some countries (web source)

Lots of updates he’s working on Netflix in the past weeks. The catalog is constantly updated, with new ones Original movies and series That could arrive in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Reed Hastings platform has another method in mind to attract new customers A rather unusual strategy.

At the moment, the tests have started in Kenya, but it is not certain that it can be extended to the rest of the world in the future. NS Android, View the content in the app It will become free. Simply register and enter your date of birth: no payment method is even required! But there is nonetheless Some important limitations.

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Free Netflix on Android: Here’s What You Can Do

The company has a clear strategy, but there will be limitations. (Getty Images)

For now, this is just a test started in Kenya, with the idea of ​​seeing if such a proposal could attract new customers. employment Android, it would be possible Access Netflix for free, with some important limitations. There is a quarter of the total catalog, which in any case means there are hundreds and hundreds of different content available. Among other restrictions, it will be possible to watch movies and TV series EXCLUSIVELY ON SMARTPHONE, without the ability to transmit the signal to other devices.

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The purpose is to allow a trial to take place at no cost and then with the hope that users will decide on it Subscribe to a paid subscription. The idea could actually be to implement a similar strategy in countries where the prevalence rate is still very low, Thus excluding – among other things – Italy.

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