Netflix is ​​betting hard on games, but no one is using them

there Subscriber loss crisis who is facing NetflixQuarter after quarter, it forces its executives to change their pace. which consists of finding new solutions To stop the loss of users who pay fees and addressThe rise of other platforms, such as Disney +. Although, according to many, the problem lies not in the contents but in the high cost of the subscription, which in Italy ranges from 7.99 to 17.99 per month.

The first solution was highlighted a few months ago with the first solution Agreement with Microsoft To bring ads to a future low cost subscription. However, the solution requires before it can be implemented at least two years of preparation. In the meantime, Netflix is ​​experimenting with other possible solutions in this area: such as viewing smart phone games It opened last November. However, it does not achieve the desired success: according to the data collected by the analysis company atopiaTo date, 23.3 million subscribers have downloaded Netlfix mobile games. Games used by about 1.7 million users per day, which is equivalent to less than 1% From 221 million global subscribers.

Netflix bets on games but subscribers don’t

In the first quarter of 2022, Netflix lost 200 thousand subscribers. Although in June, thanks to new episodes of Stranger Things, a few million were earned, which immediately canceled the subscription. In fact, in the second quarter of this year, Netflix reported a loss of nearly one million subscribers.

According to Netflix’s management of “to steal‘Users to the platform are Great entertaining players How Epic Games And the tik tok It steals (free) time from users who can instead subscribe to the streaming platform and use that time to watch movies and TV series or play games.

Here the answer is found in suggesting which games to download from Netflix to show on their own Younger users Good reason to confirm your subscription. The intention was on good paper, but in reality this response from the youth was not there.

They claim in Netflix that it is still too early to summarize: On the other hand, they are difficult to download on the platform 24 matches out of 50 planned By the end of 2022. And it may still be missing this best-selling title capable of attracting others.

Netflix strategy to gain subscribers

Netflix has built its strategy to gain new subscribers on patience and on experimentation. and on the shopping.

last year Acquired three game development studios He paid nearly $72 million for the acquisition of Finnish studio Next Games. Management is convinced that these investments will return with long-term success, is this true?

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