Netflix has announced from November 3rd, how much does it cost and how does the new subscription work

From November 3, a new subscription plan called “Basic with Ads” will be available on Netflix. This is a cheaper alternative that will allow a wider audience of viewers to access the service at a lower cost.

It’s official, the announcement landing on Netflix has a date and it’s history November 3, 2022. Starting at 5 p.m. that day, the American entertainment giant’s live streaming service will offer consumers a New Vision Service Content. At the moment, the novelty will affect only 12 of the countries in which the platform is active. In addition to Italy, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States. here you are How does it work and what are the prices of new subscriptions.

How much does a new Netflix subscription cost with advertising cost

a New subscription plan name of thing ‘base with advertisementThis is a cheaper alternative that will allow a wider audience of viewers to access the service at a lower cost. For the first time it will include Ads, an important turning point for Netflix, which from the beginning has been opposed to ads. New subscription cost 5.49 euros per month For those who agree to watch ads while watching movies, TV series and documentaries. Ads can last up to a maximum of 5 minutes per 60 minutes of content playback. Moreover, with this type of subscription, you will be able to connect Only one device at a time And the It will not be possible to download Content.

Other subscription plans will continue to exist

The broadcast platformFantastic opportunityTo expand the audience of service users who will be able to subscribe at a reduced rate as well as for advertisers. In the US, the company announced that it had already sold all advertising space on the first day of activation of the “Base with Advertising” service. However, it must be emphasized that this is not a turning point without an option for the viewer, who can still decide not to watch ads during TV series and movies on Netlfix. In fact, the Basic SubscriptionsAnd the Basic And the excellent.

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