Netflix debuted at Taormina Film Fest

Rome Netflix, the world’s largest streaming entertainment service, For the first time at the 67th edition of the Taormina Film Festival With Classic horror story. Directed by Roberto Di Vio and Paolo Stripoli, it is a homage to the tradition of the genre, but also an absolute novelty in the diverse world of horror cinema.

The title was chosen for the international competition dedicated to the first and second works. The festival will be presented by directors Roberto Di Vio and Paolo Stripoli, screenwriters Lucio Pisana and Milo Tisoni and the hero. Matilda Lutz, divided between the United States and Italy. “We are proud to host A Classic Horror Story at Taormina Film Fest, which marks Netflix’s debut at our festival. Taormina reinvents itself by welcoming and promoting audiovisual development, under the banner of sharing with the general public عامة”, announced the directors Francesco Ali, Alessandra De Luca and Federico Pontegia.

Classic Horror Story is the new Netflix movie, produced by Colorado Film, directed by Roberto Di Vio and Paolo Stripoli, from a screenplay by Lucio Bisana, Roberto Di Vio, Paolo Stripoli, Milo Tisoni, David Bellini, and starring Matilda Lutz, Francesco Russo, Peppino Mazotta, Iulia Sobol, Will Mericap, Alida Ballina Donadio. It will be in service from July 14th. The program of the 67th Taormina Film Festival will be announced Tuesday, June 15th during the official presentation.

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