Netflix, changes everything again: TV and compatible devices

Netflix, it changes everything again: TV and compatible devices. All users will be able to check if they can use the new codec

More news coming to Netflix (Getty Images)

Technical news coming to the platform Netflix. At the moment of technological update in our country, with a reset DTT, the broadcasting giant will also present A different codec that not all TVs will be able to support. The US company officially announced this on Tuesday, which aroused some apprehension among all subscribers.

Specifically it is AV1, a highly efficient codec developed by Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) and royalty-free. Netflix has already been using it to stream to devices since last year Android. It took more time to access the app on different TVs but now it has been launched.

It was necessary to wait for a greater spread of SoCs Able to support hardware decoding, the only viable solution because relying on software only will require computing capabilities not available on regular TVs.

In addition, through the use of a partnership with Youtube a decoder AV1 Open source for video game consoles. This step will be an upgrade to use Netflix, with many benefits for all users.

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Netflix, changes everything again: New codec launched to increase quality

New Codec for Netflix (Pixabay)

The AV1 codec Already backed by giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Intel. The quality of the videos will definitely be higher and their compression will also improve, allowing for faster streaming.

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Speaking of consoles, streaming movies and series with the new codec will also be able to pass through a file PS4 Pro, If the TV can not support it by itself.

To get off to a great start, Netflix I decided to include in the new catalog the latest series of Paper House.

Currently, the specialized site is known for its list of TVs and devices compatible with the new AV1 ‘the edge’Netflix has yet to officially rule it out. The list is as follows, although something else will likely be added soon:

  • Smart TV Ultra HD Samsung 2020
  • Samsung QLED Smart TV 2020
  • QLED 8K Smart TV Samsung 2020 8K
  • Smart TV Samsung The Frame 2020
  • Smart TV Samsung The Serif 2020
  • Smart TV Samsung The Terrace 2020
  • PS4 Pro
  • Amazon Fire TV Max
  • Android TVs with Android OS 10 and above

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