Netflix and account sharing, this is how it will be blocked –

So Netflix will put an end to sharing affiliate the accountyou know: it’s a policy that the streaming platform has allowed for years, but it’s coming soon blocked. Well, how will the company understand that we are sharing the profile with someone else?

Therefore, starting from March, it will no longer be possible to share Netflix accounts, and the Help Center has provided some information that reveals how to act to avoid bans and inconveniences if you want to use your subscription while traveling, for example, or in a second home.

When the device outside your house Sign in to an account or if it is being used continuously, we may ask you to verify the device before you can watch Netflix or switch between Netflix families,” the site reads.

When someone accesses your account from a device that is not associated with your Netflix household or if your account is continually used from a location outside of your household, we may ask you to Check out the device before you can watch Netflix.

The procedure involves sending a file Four-digit code Which will accurately identify the device on which we want to use our Netflix account. However, the verification request may also be required periodically as the behavior is maintained over time.

“While you are traveling or if you have more than one residential address, we want to allow you to enjoy Netflix wherever and whenever you want. If you are the primary account holder (or live with the primary account holder), you do not need to verify the device to watch Netflix.”

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“If you’ve been away from your Netflix family for an extended period of time, we may sometimes ask you to verify your device. We need to verify that it’s a device authorized to use your account. Device verification is quick and easy.”

Well, how does the platform understand if we are using a device outside the home? The Help Center always states: “We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices that are signed in to your Netflix account.”

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