Netflix: Almost 5 million ad subscribers

Netflix claims about five million users due to its ad-enabled offering

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Netflix He made an initial assessment of his search for advertisers. “Six months after our launch, we have more than 5 million monthly active users worldwide, with an average age of 34.” Jeremy GormanPresident of the Global Advertising Platform, Wed ina week in advance In New York, where the channels present their upcoming programming to advertisers. But for Netflix, the celebration of its entry into the advertising world was somewhat spoiled: While Fox Corp. or YouTbe met all the players in the sector with mixed offers from CEOs and celebrities, Netflix had to accept an online presentation: Writers’ strike threatened to invite itself. to “Paris stageOn average, more than a quarter of new subscribers opt out of the ad-supported show when it’s available (in 12 countries, including the US and UK), the platform said. and France).Netfllx, which has long been reluctant to display ads, has not yet indicated an official target, however Wall Street Journal Last year it unveiled a note that raised the ambition of having 40 million users of the show by the end of 2073. Netflix also wants to sell its innovation capacity to advertisers. At the end of March, Nettlix had about 733 million subscribers worldwide, with several users per account… We’re just getting started,” Jernie Gorman cautiously recalls, noting that the first few months also worked on quality assurance. Technical ad placement and targeting.

On Wednesday, the platform wanted to convince people of its added value. I’ve been praised for a long time.”The Netflix effectWhen it’s a song for Kate shrub (“Run up this hill n) as a counterpart to the Youth of the Second World (gréoe alla serie strangers Things e), or when Formulai benefits from the behind-the-scenes documentary (¦ driving to surviveIts Netflix brand is already strong and selective, and it intends to prove that its programming will be more effective than the competition in reaching audiences. While it’s still early days, we’ve found that viewers are four times more likely to respond to an ad on Netflix than on other streaming platforms.” run out NaylorHead of Global Advertising Sales. In the coming months, Netflix is ​​betting on a mix of new seasons of its main series (“Weird things“,”Girton“, “the Crown“…), reality show (“love is blind“,”Squid Game: Challenge“…) and movies to capture audience interest. ) and movies to maintain interest If it moves with measured strides in a world of advertising that still packages poorly, Netflix also wants to sell advertisers on its ability to innovate, recalling this turmoil in the world of series — from “watching Gluttony’s potential launch preludes. Last Wednesday, run out Naylor Suggest that brands looking for a global audience could place themselves in the top 10 most watched movies and series, or front a blockbuster series or movie – for example, Emily in Talk and Hilton. Last month, for example, Netflix partnered with Lacoste to create a collection of several of the platform’s major series. In the case of the new series, “imagine a thirty-minute commercial spanning multiple ovens,” the company said. German Sarandosco-CEO of Netflix, “And if you interrupt a show to watch something else, it will follow.”
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