Netflix advertises paid password sharing

After the first rumors, Netflix announces internationally how much it will cost to share your account with an “extra” person.

Netflix advertises paid password sharing

Netflix It informed its users that it has begun to put an end to Share the password. To do this, the obligation to pay an additional $7.99, a figure in Italy that would be €4.99, was introduced, in case you wish to allow access to your account to someone who is not part of the family unit.

Sent in an email: “Your Netflix account is for you, the people you live with, and your family“.
However, the platform confirmed that users will be able to continue using their account while they are traveling, using personal devices or logging in from hotel TVs or rented homes.
The letter explains how access can be controlled and how the data will be transferred to the extra person for whom you will pay $7.99 in addition to the cost of the monthly subscription.

The statement confirmed:We realize that our members have many options for entertainment. That’s why we continue to invest heavily in a variety of new movies and TV shows. No matter your taste, mood, language, or who you’re watching with, there’s always something satisfying to watch on Netflix.“.
The email also appears to have been sent to users in Norway, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, the Philippines, Belgium, Thailand, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Israel, Ireland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Colombia and Brazil.

The text of the email to be sent to Italian users, as reported Repubblica.itwhich is next:

  • Your Netflix account is reserved for you and those who live with you or your household;
  • You can easily watch Netflix while on the go or traveling, on your personal devices, in a hotel or on TV while on vacation;

To check how your Netflix account is being used:

  • Check which devices can access your account. Sign out of your account on devices that should not have access and consider changing your password;
  • If you want to share Netflix with people outside of your household, you can use the Transfer Profile feature. Anyone who uses your account can transfer their profile to a new paid membership.
  • You can share your Netflix account with people who don’t live with you for an additional cost of €4.99 per month. If you have any questions, you can find detailed information in the Help Center.

This subscription sharing option – at € 4.99 per month – cannot be activated if we pay through a Netflix partner, and not directly to pay TV

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