Netflix Acquires Immersive Freediving Documentary ‘Deepest Breath’

Produced by A24, Motive Films, Ventureland and Raw, the film will screen at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

  • Netflix has partnered with A24, Motive Films, Ventureland and Raw in this gripping exploration of the undeniable relationship between two athletes navigating the intense and competitive world of freediving. deepest breath It will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2023.

  • LoglineA champion freediver trains to break the world record with the help of an experienced safety diver and an emotional bond forms between the two that seems to be dictated by fate. This thriller follows their journeys to the top of freediving, documenting the exciting results (and inevitable risks) associated with achieving a dream in the silent depths of the ocean.

  • Directed by Irish director Laura McGann. Laura began making feature films and producing plays when she was 15 and then studied film at Ballyfermot (Dublin) before completing her master’s degree at Hope University in Liverpool. He has worked in Ireland and abroad, filming and directing numerous documentaries for RTE, SKY, PBS, BBC, Lonely Planet and UTV.

  • From director Laura McGann: “The setting and emotional strength of this story initially led me to want to make this documentary. Shooting around the world and unusual themes are at the heart of deepest breath They have been an incredible inspiration as well as the most fulfilling experience of my career. The entire team is thrilled to be able to partner with Netflix to share what we believe is a fitting tribute to the amazing world of skin diving and the fearless athletes in the movie.”

  • Produce John Batzek, Sarah Thompson, Jamie Dalton, and Ann McLoughlin.

  • Executive production of Bart Layton and the A24.

  • Netflix previously collaborated with producer John Battsek and Ventureland on docuseries FIFA: All revelationsto the Emmy® Award-winning documentary Phoenix Rise: The Paralympic Story and an upcoming, as-yet-untitled, documentary series about David Beckham.

  • About A24: A24 is the global entertainment company behind the award-winning Emmy® series trance With Zendaya, the Golden Globe-winning series archer And other award-winning films such as MinariesAnd the moon lightAnd the Lady BirdAnd the Midsmar – Village of the DamnedAnd the AmyAnd the rough diamonds And the Everything is everywhere at once. Among the documentaries on A24 we mention the award-winning omen About legendary award-winning actor Val Kilmer AmyCritically acclaimed featuring singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse and an Emmy®-nominated design documentary series residenceas well as upcoming documentaries by Steve Martin and Undervalued with Steve Curry.

  • About Motive Films: Motive Films is one of Ireland’s most prolific non-fiction and documentary entertainment companies. Over the past decade, he has produced creative, impactful and socially conscious films aimed at national and international audiences including the critically acclaimed feature film Between land and sea, I am an immigrant And the Conor McGregor: Notorious, the highest-grossing Irish documentary of all time. From its headquarters in Dublin, Motive continues to collaborate with global filmmakers and content platforms to produce original and inspirational titles for film and television.

  • About VenturelandVentureland: Ventureland is an independent creative company specializing in the development of original content, in collaboration with acclaimed directors and the most famous studios in the world. Founded by award-winning producer John Batcic (Looking for a sugar man) and PRETTYBIRD Partners Kerstin Emhoff, Ali Brown and Paul Hunter, the company has produced notable titles such as Rescue (National Geographic), Phoenix Rise: The Paralympic Story (Netflix) and If only these walls could sing (Disney). Among the upcoming projects: Bobi Wine: The People’s President (National Geographic), deepest breath (Netflix) and the yet-to-be-uploaded Netflix docu-series about David Beckham by Academy Award® winner Fisher Stevens.

  • About RAWRAW: London-based film and television production company focuses on content for a global audience ranging from documentaries to premium docuseries including the latest Netflix blockbuster. Tinder scammer, master of puppets: Hunt down the scammer And the Hands Off Cats: Find a Killer Onlineas well as award-winning feature films Three identical strangers, American animals And the quack – quack. RAW is an All3Media company and produced Discovery’s hit series “The Gold Rush”; For CNN, RAW also recently signed on to the Emmy® Award-winning series Stanley Tucci: Looking for Italy. Among the latest UK-produced TV content are award-winning documentaries from the BBC Paddy and Christine McGuinness: Our Family and Autism and a long-running ITV series Heathrow: Britain’s busiest airport. 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of RAW and the release of films such as Dream Horse (With collaborations with Toni Collette and Damien Lewis) Editor face.. accomplish (With Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer).

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