Netanyahu: Israel is under attack, from The Hague an anti-Semitic act

Israel has been under attack since this evening. ”This is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comment on the Hague Criminal Court’s decision to open an official investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories in the 2014 war with Gaza. He added that“ the biased Hague Court took a decision that represents the essence of anti-Semitism and hypocrisy. ”

“The court – Netanyahu continued – has proven that our soldiers, heroic and moral, who are fighting against the most ruthless terrorists on earth, are precisely the war criminals.” He added, “The court ruled that when we build a house in our eternal capital, Jerusalem, this – as he said – constitutes a war crime. A court has been formed to prevent the repetition of the atrocities committed against the Jewish people, and now it speaks openly against the state of the Jewish people and does not say a single word against Iran.” Syria and other totalitarian regimes are already committing crimes. ” In the face of such a biased court, there is only one thing to do: fight for the truth in all of Assisi, defend every soldier, every commander, every citizen. We will fight for the truth until – and concluded – this scandalous decision will be revoked. ”

Instead, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas welcomed the criminal court’s announcement: That is why Hamas defended its actions in the 2014 Gaza war against Israel, and spoke of “legitimate resistance.”

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