Tech will be announced tomorrow for the PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch

Hot wheels She posted similar tweets to Nintendo H X-BoxSo it’s definitely going to be a cross-platform game and not as exclusive as it was originally thought.

The original story:
Hot wheels He suggested that he announce a new game for the PS5 (Possibly for PS3, too). To say it’s the official Twitter account for the franchise, with an unmistakable message:

Hey PlayStation, we have some important news. This is a taste only for you …

There is also a link to the tweet Teaser site, Where you can see a countdown, a wall of fire and smoke, which appears to be hiding the Hot Wheels game logo. Notice that one of the windows in the flame shows a button to see a file Tractor And a car is most likely linked to the contents of the game.

Unfortunately, we don’t know more about the project, although luckily it wasn’t long to find out in full. Ideally, it could also be some expansion of an existing game like Destruction AllStars. In any case, we will be able to tell you again tomorrow afternoon.

[errata corrige]We’ve written that the announcement will come during gameplay, but in reality, the countdown will end a few hours earlier. We are sorry for the error.

Hot Wheels game teaser site for PS5

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