Tech – English translation confirmed, 1.8 million copies sold

Immortal tale, The hit Chinese RPG on Steam after arriving in Early Access in January, has sold 1.8 million copies. Now, the team has also announced that they have begun work on English translation: During the translation process, the team will seek support from fans, who will be able to give feedback via the dedicated Discord channel.

The development team explains that they are “very happy to see how interesting the community is”. They know the great demand for the English language version, and thus confirm the start of the adaptation process. “Starting next month, we will be working on the English translation By a timeless tale. For now we are asking you to wait for the work to be done. We have set up a Discord channel and a member of our team will make sure to respond to any bug reports or urgent questions. We will release updates on translation assignments via the channel. ”

The team explains it Translation was a priority from the startHowever, with millions of players active in the game, they have had to prioritize cleaning the game code for several weeks. You can find the official Tale of Immortal Discord channel To this address.

A timeless tale almost received 56,000 reviews on Steam, with an 89% positive review rate. This Chinese game is one of the surprises of 2021 with Valheim that sold 5 million copies, never stops!

Eternal tale will be translated into English

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