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Nearly half a billion of expenses for the Australian Open 2021

No one would dare to doubt that Daniil Medvedev is a tennis player at the top of the world tennis, especially after the results of 2021 (currently he is second in the ATP rankings). The fact that the Russian is at the same time a provocative temperament can no longer be hidden.

At the end of the victorious semi-final match against Germany in which he defeated Struve in the second singles, the one-seeded Russian rejoiced, and controversially stomped on the grounds of the Madrid Arena:

At the time of the post-match interview, Danielle was booed, and he did nothing (nothing at all) to silence them: “I am happy that the team reached the final. It was a great two weeks: beating Spain in Madrid was the best thing of the week, in the dressing room we were really happy to leave the home team, it feels good.”

Then he added: “It’s so much fun, and I’ve been saying this since 2019, people haven’t figured out yet how to make me lose: you have to cheer me up, or I’ll keep winning; anyway, it’s okay, keep it up!”. Heavy statements certainly won’t bring many neutral spectators to the side of the RTF during tomorrow’s final (Sunday December 5, 4pm) against Croatia.

Medvedev is no stranger to these episodes. At the US Open 2019, by Feliciano Lopez, He literally grabbed a towel from the ball boy and was caught not only in that match, but also in the rest of the tournament, by the audience, who then knew how to wisely bring him to his side.

Against Belgium’s Bemelmans during the second round at Wimbledon 2017, losing in the fifth set, at the end of the match, Medvedev opened his wallet and threw coins at the president.

Also in 2016 he was disqualified during a match against Donald Young for Comment deemed racist:

In short, a sample of the petty clumsiness of an ever cliched character who seems happy to be considered the villain in the circle.

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