NBA Zion Williamson: I want to go back to the USA and win everything

New Orleans Pelican star Zion Williamson recently passed Paris (with Luka Doncic) on a promotional tour took him to Medan Quai 54The famous street championship in the French capital. On that occasion, Williamson, in front of Eurosport microphones, said he was surprised by crowd bath Receive (“Really surreal. It’s an honor, but really I did not expect such a thing: not outside the borders of the United States‘) but also very confident in what the future can bring for him and his team, the Pelicans.” I want to win everything: I want to win nicknameI want to enter The first pentathlon in the NBA but also in The first defensive quintetI wanna bebest player out of the league but also best defender”, he stated without sparing in achieving goals.

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