NBA official: Oh, hey, sorry about that, Bulls

Oh, sure … now she’s saying something.

Do you remember the way last night’s match against the Warriors ended? Of course you do. This was the first game in a year in which the Bulls had an actual chance to win at the start of the fourth quarter. But in case you missed the end (or turned it off altogether), the Warriors did so after Zach Lavigne gave the Bulls a (way too late) lead with one point:


Except … it actually should have been. At least, according to an NBA last two-minute report:

Not only is there a five-second violation, Kevon Looney * also * made an abusive bug by placing a screen on Coby White, which you can clearly see in this longer video of the final play:

I mean, come on! My color is basically hitting white on the ground.

You hate to blame the rulers – and the bulls might not have let it come close in any way – but when there are two different ways the other team should have spoiled it but got away with it, it’s hard to bear. Especially considering how blatantly both calls are (how you miss a five-second violation … come on). To make matters worse, the next two weeks in the Bulls schedule look tough. This was probably their best chance for an early win and it has been taken away from them. Twice.

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sigh. What will you do?

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