Navalny was arrested upon his arrival in Moscow, five months after he was poisoned: “It’s my home, I’m not afraid.” Biden and European Union leaders: “he must be released”

Time required to complete the path from the flight ladder to passport control e Alexey NavalnyHe just came home after poisoning in August, police arrested him inAirport From Sheremetyevo From Moscow. The wife just kissed him, then the most famous opponent Russian President Vladimir Putin He was stopped by officers from the Operations Department of the Federal Prison Service. Officially, as the Russian Prison Service makes clear, Navalny was sentenced to a suspended sentence, but was included – since December 29 – on the wanted list for multiple violations of the probationary period. “I am World Health Organization And I can assure you that I am happy, this is my homeShortly before his arrest, Navalny said, speaking to reporters inside D-BuildingMoscow airportAfter getting off the shuttle bus. Everyone asks me: Are you afraid? I am not afraid. Pass customs in a calm spirit, then I’ll come home because I know I am right I also urge you not to fear. ”Navalny then went to passport control, where the police stopped him.

Now he will be held until a court ruling. ”Which could give him more than three years in prison.“ He did everything brilliantly, and the Strasbourg court had already agreed with me, ”Navalny put his hands in Terminal D. However, his parents complained that his lawyer was He was not able to follow him after his arrest, and at the moment he does not know where he is. Of course, the game now, if possible, is getting more difficult for him but also for the Kremlin, which risks reinforcing the consensus on Crusader against corruption. “I am so grateful to all of you for coming.” After checking passports, Yulia said that they were so scared of Alexei that they paralyzed almost all of Moscow’s trips tonight, simply because of a man who had returned home. ”The most important thing today is what Alexei said: Do not be afraid“.

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The international community demanded immediate release a few hours later: the most reliable voice was that of President Joe Biden in the USA arena. “Navalny must be released immediately -” the security advisor says Jake Sullivan – Those responsible for the shameful assault on his life must be prosecuted. ”Sullivan added,“ The Kremlin’s attacks on Navalny are not just a violation human rights But it is also an insult to the Russian people who want to have their voices heard. ”The President of the European Union Council Charles Michel who said that the arrest also spoke.UnacceptableThe request for release also comes from the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli: “The arrest of Alexei # Navalny in Moscow is an insult to the international community and to Europe that helped save his life. We ask the Russian authorities to release him immediately. We are ready to invite him to the European Parliament as soon as possible.”

The issue rages on (well, it should be said) Italian politics as well. Foreign Minister demands his release Luigi Di MaioNavalny’s arrest upon his arrival in Russia is a very dangerous fact that worries us. We ask for his immediate release. We expect your rights to be respected. ”Previously, he was Minister of European Affairs Enzo Amendola In the words of the Athenian historian of the fourth century BC, Thucydides: “Certainly the bravest are those who have the clearest vision of what awaits them, as well as glory and danger, and yet they face it.” defense minister Lorenzo Guerrini Retweeted a statement from the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell: The Russian authorities must respect Alexei Navalny’s rights and release him immediately. over there politicization DellThe judicial system is being Unacceptable“. The Pd Speak directly through the secretary’s mouth Nicola Zingaretti: Navalny is a brave man. the world Free and democratic He should be next to him. The Government And theEuropean Union Take the necessary measures to release him and guarantee his rights. “

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Navalny’s day ended, five months after he was poisoned, in a familiar omen of misfortune for the prince of the Russian opponents, who now enters and exits his home with confidence. Today, however, it may turn into a domain, depending on how the situation evolves in the coming days. On the flight win over (Victory in Russian) Start from Berlin So is Alexey and his wife Yulia There were dozens of reporters broadcasting live each of the couple’s most famous steps on the Russian Internet. “Boy, bring us vodka: we’re going home,” Yulia began before taking off in a video posted on her husband’s Instagram (more than 2 million views in a few hours). Waiting for them, prof VnukovoThere was a large group of supporters – about 300 people – as well as a nice group of colleagues and friends (including his brother Oleg).

The authorities have warned that they will not tolerate “circuses” in the arrivals hall and have done so. Riot police started Supporters and media survey – ‘Fascists! The crowd shouted – then dumped the most famous faces from Navalny’s entourage (including the attorney Lebov SobolAs well as Oleg himself). Altogether, according to the NGO OVDinfoAnd the At least 60 people It has been Stop By the police. But as a nice bunch of irreducible ones it actually is Military Outside the station (braving -25 degrees for a polar evening), someone clearly decided to simplify their lives. Navalny’s flight is ordered to land on Sheremetyevo. Something was simmering in the pot that was previously understood Strange path of the plane It was described by a popular tracking website Flightradar 24. The landing stage was monitored by nearly 500,000 users, to the point where Flightradar24 itself tweeted one A screen shot For doubt (these are huge numbers).

Waiting for passengers is not the finger but the shuttle bus. Alexei, Yulia and crew rode the first arrivals and headed for Terminal D, where Navalny held some kind of impromptu press conference, just a few steps from the border. The plot was revealed as expected moments later, when police officers acquired it stuck To the controls.

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