Natural methods and simple precautions to follow to get a beautiful, clean and wonderful kitchen with minimal effort

The kitchen is that place in the house that cannot be neglected, because the dirt has Unpleasant odors I am just around the corner. If you pay attention to the simple details and use the right natural detergents, the kitchen will shine and smell. In this article, we will explain the natural methods and simple precautions that must be followed to get a beautiful, clean and wonderful kitchen with minimal effort. Trash that is emptied and sanitized every day, and a well-cleaned sink and stove are those little things that allow us to make this environment smell so refreshing.

Here are the natural ways and simple precautions to follow to create a beautiful, clean and wonderful kitchen with minimal effort

Natural cleanser

A completely natural, environmentally and animal-friendly, cleanser we can get by soaking tangerine and lemon peels in Alcohol vinegar.

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Get a sealed glass jar and fill it with vinegar. Pour inside lemon and orange peel completely clean from the remnants of pulp and place in the refrigerator. Leave everything to soak for 15 days. Then filter the vinegar and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. With this detergent, you can clean and fragrance all kitchen utensils.

Useful Tips

Every night, before going to bed, wash dishes and degrease the sink with a sponge scrub with Marseille soap or coconut oil, to impart a steel sheen. Dry thoroughly with an old cotton cloth and buff it with a natural citrus cleaner.


Since the sponges we clean with tend to smell musty, we recommend using a natural sponge because it does not retain grease, food residue, dirt, and carriers of unpleasant odor.

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When we change the bag daily, we spray the environmental citrus cleaner on the bottom of the container and wipe it with an old newspaper.

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