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The Facebook page Di Unieuro has published an unusual post promoting the washing machine. Unlike classic social advertising, the post is written as if it were a confidence written by the social media manager for the page to unleash after attending a social media marketing course. “Oh, thank you for clicking More. really. Then except for “the other”. Here everything, ”reads the post. “Yes brother, I am the director of social media at Unieuro. Nothing, these weeks I didn’t attend because they sent me on a course to learn how to make social networking great. ”

Despite being a Facebook post, where the average age of users is much higher than other social networks like Instagram and Tik Tok, the language is very informal and uses some of the expressions most used by teens. Nevertheless, the marketing post succeeded in marketing: in less than a day, it collected more than 36,000 likes, 8,000 posts, and nearly 9,000 comments.

It is not the first post of this kind to be published by Unieuro, who started this campaign Last December 22 With the show “Speaks for itself”: Then some comments written by the page editors appeared.

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