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NASA signs an agreement with Australia on the lunar “car” that will land in 2026

NASA and Australia shake hands. The two giants come to an agreement that sees them as champions in the increasingly layered and complex world of the space race. In the middle, a rover that will land on our satellite in 2026.

Lunar Viper rover (NASA photo)

The goal is always the same: to re-conquer color. Our wonderful satellite, at the center of the space race in the early 1960s and 1970s, returns today to be the absolute champion of the space scene. share, once again, United States of America, fresh out of agreement withAustralia, another space giant will be among the key players in reclaiming the moon.

Among the countries that will contribute to Building human colonies On the moon, the new Australia from the agreement with the US space agency NASA. The purpose of the handshake will be a rover, capable of taking lunar soil on future missions in order to… oxygen extraction. In essence it will be a basic way to Colonial strength of humans on the satellite.

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2024-2030: The years when man will return to the moon to point to the red planet


The year 2024 will be the year when man should return to trample the lunar soil, and to do so, it will be necessary to carry out a series of Vital Precautions, including, a new and fixed oxygen guarantee. The colonies will settle neatly in lunar south pole, paving the way for the scientific activity Beside When landing on Mars In the first missions set to take place in the thirties.

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Australia, in all this, You will play a decisive role In building the car, the launch of the leading companies and researchers in the sector. Not a small deal as the Prime Minister indicated Scott Morrison, which will give Australia more shine globally, as well as boost the economy.

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Australia is at the forefront of robotic technology and remote operations systems, which will be key to establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon, and supporting future human exploration of Mars.” He said Enrico PalermoDirector of the Australian Space Agency. Another aspect of the new security agreement will be US-Australia cooperation ocode which includes, in addition to the above, Great Britain.

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