NASA recorded a silly sound near Jupiter, there it is

Ganymede is a wonderful place. Perhaps some astronomers will be upset with this definition of light somewhat, but listen up here: Jupiter’s satellite is the largest in our solar system, even larger than Mercury; At a depth of 200 km below its surface there is a huge ocean of salt water, which is so large that it has its own magnetic field. In short, we said: Awesome.

Our luck now is that NASA’s Juno probe has been on a mission around Jupiter since 2016 (launched in 2011) and has been studying the gas giant and its moons. This year the car got very close to Ganymede by recording its electromagnetic waves with its Waves instrument. If we move these waves above the sound range, we get incredible sounds that make your skin crawl but also make you imagine the incredible journey the probe is taking.

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“This soundtrack is wild enough to make you feel like you’re traveling as the probe passes Ganymede for the first time in more than two decades,” says Scott Bolton, a physicist at Southwest Research Institute, principal investigator for Juno.

“If you listen closely, you can hear the sudden change at higher frequencies around the midpoint of the recording, which represents the entry into a different region in Ganymede’s magnetosphere.”

This mission will continue until 2025 and will continue to send incredible and precious information like this, to explore places that have recently become very exciting also for the presence of water and therefore for the possible existence of life forms.

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