NASA launches new $ 23 million space toilet for the International Space Station. It should arrive on Monday


Astronauts on the International Space Station will test this unusual-looking space toilet.


It was designed recently Space toilet Which accommodates women better is heading to the International Space Station. The A new toilet has been filled up inside a cargo ship Which took off successfully Friday evening at 6:16 PM PDT from NASA’s Wallops Aviation facility on Wallops Island, Virginia. Astronauts will be testing the toilet for the next few months.

The new toilet weighs about 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and measures 28 inches (71 centimeters) in height, and the new toilet is about half the size of the Russian-made toilet already in use on the International Space Station. This new toilet is 65% smaller and lighter than half of the current International Space Station toilets.

The new, smaller toilet will be able to accommodate NASA’s Orion capsules, which will travel to the moon on future missions.

as I said beforThe new toilet is designed with a reclining seat, a new look, and redesigned passages for urination.


Here’s a closer look at the new space toilet that will be used on the International Space Station.


The microgravity toilets used on the International Space Station use suction to prevent waste from escaping during a potty break in space, but the new system has a new shape that better suits the female anatomy. The toilet is also a better fit for picking up more waste than before.

Melissa McKinley, Johnson Space Center Project Manager, “Cleaning up mess is a big problem. We don’t want any bugs or escapes.” He told the Guardian. “Let’s just say everything floats in weightlessness.”

The new toilet system also has less mass than previous systems, is simpler to use, provides more comfort and performance for the crew, and treats urine so that it can be safely treated by spacecraft recycling systems, ” According to a NASA report Previously published in June.

The toilet will be housed in its stall next to the old toilet on the American side of the space station. The toilet currently located on the American side of the space station was designed in the 1990s.

This new global waste management system toilet will remain on the International Space Station until the end of the life of the space station.

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