NASA “comprehensive transfer” of a doctor to the International Space Station

The experiment was conducted in October 2021 and involved members of a team of aviation doctors. Using a Microsoft Hololens Kinect camera and custom Aexa software, their images were captured, recreated, and then broadcast live aboard the space station. There was the French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet with a mixed reality viewer, which by overlaying images reconstructed by the software on reality allowed him to interact directly with the doctors.

Dr. Joseph Schmid Holotransport iss nasa
European Space Agency (ESA) – Astronaut Thomas Bisquet

It’s a technology that’s been around since at least 2016, but it’s the first time it’s been used in an environment as extreme and remote as space. “It is an entirely new way of human communication over great distances,” said Dr. Joseph Schmid,

The first person to be transported from Earth to space

With Aexa CEO Fernando de la Pena Laca and their teams. Using this technology, they were able to simulate an encounter in the same physical space as if they were there, at a station traveling at 28,000 km/h in an orbit 400 km above Earth.

NASA has shown that a new form of communication is possible and that it could be a first step for future missions.

The next step is to combine mass transportation and augmented reality

“We’re going to combine augmented reality with haptics,” added Schmid, who gave Spock’s Vulcan’s tribute in the commemorative photo, and you’d be able to work on a device together, just like two of the best surgeons working during an operation. This will make everyone feel safe by telling them, for example, that the best team is working together on an important piece of hardware. “

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Holotransport also offers innovative live apps right here on Earth

. Whether it is in other harsh environments such as Antarctica, offshore oil platforms, or military areas, this type of technology can help people in difficult situations communicate, bringing people together regardless of distance or environmental challenges.

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