Nardella and Mastrolo on the podium in Saber

The excellent news comes from the U-20 World Cup stage in Dormagen: two impressive German podiums were reached in the men’s race thanks to Emanuele Nardella and Marco Mastrulo who finished second and third respectively. Nardella immediately put the Americans Kevin Son (15-7) and Jordan Silberzweg (15-6) in line and then put 15-7 against Britain’s Max Karume and 15-9 against the athlete from Niger Yvan Girault.

Having reached the quarter-finals, Nardella then settled on Frenchman Rémy Garrig 15-11 in the quarter-finals and in the derby in the semi-finals he beat Mastrulo himself with a score of 15-12. In the final, world champion Colin Heathcock beat the defending United States with a score of 15-6 but Nardella’s performance remained posh. A great match also for Marco Mastrulo, who appeared for the first time on the air by defeating the Ukrainian Vyacheslav Dzyuba 15-12, then by 15-6 he got rid of the Turkish Ahmed Tavlan, and continued his journey with a 15-7 victory over the Frenchman Francois Maruel. And on 11-15 to German Max Mueller.

In the quarter-finals, Mastrolio beat Marco Stigliano 15-12 in a blue derby, thus winning the semi-final in which he lost to Nardella: his third place, tied with another American, William Morrell, is well deserved. In the team event, Nardella and Mastrullo took the podium again with teammates Edoardo Cantini and Leonardo Tocci finishing second. Indeed, Italy defeated Canada 45-23 in the round of 16, France 45-39 in the quarterfinals, and Spain 45-30 in the semifinals, but had to give way to Japan 45-39 in the final. Third place for Spain (45-36 for Poland).

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