Narbolia, the tourist who drowned in Is Arenas, the family from Poland puts out a plea

Maria Reimann was 41 years old, she was on vacation in Sardinia, but the Is Arenas sea betrayed her and the woman drowned. Her family, who live in Poland, are facing this moment of great pain with great desperation and clinging to hope: “We’d like to talk to the boy who tried to save her.”

The tragedy occurred last Thursday. The woman who knew the area with a group of friends. They decided to swim even if the sea was rough. In a few moments she was carried away by the current, unable to return to shore, a friend who was with her lost her vision. The Swimmers notice that he is in trouble and raise the alarm. Among the many who come to her rescue is also a young surfer: he throws himself into the water and tries to reach her. He managed to lift it onto the table and bring it back to shore. Attempts at resuscitation prove futile, and Maria is unable to do so.

There is panic on the beach, and the tourist’s friends are desperate. They find the strength to contact the woman’s parents in Warsaw to explain what happened.

“Maria,” say the family, “was an excellent swimmer, aware of the dangers of the sea, and would not have defiantly challenged the sea weather conditions. We don’t know what really happened, but we’d like to know about the boy who tried to help her.” The woman’s mother, in particular, has a desire to know if Maria said anything, and what her last words were.

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This is the appeal that comes, through, from relatives.

The 41-year-old will be cremated, by decision of the parents, and will finally return to his homeland in Poland. Where is his son who is only 15 years old.

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