Napoli, ending training: Dima is still absent

Spalletti And his crew leave nothing to chance. View of tonight’s match at Maradona Stadium against Lychee (Take off at 20.45), this morning at Castel Volturno Azzurri had a closing practice session. After 0-0 in Florence, it was Naples He wants to start over, considering the dangers that could come from the previous Gelorusi Baronswhich was laid on the first dayInter.

Naples: tactical artwork at the SSCN Konami . Training Center

He took the team to the field at the SSCN Konami Training Center, and started the session with activation and bull. Then it was time for technical and tactical work with Spalletti, who explained to his team how to face Lecce tonight.

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Marco Baroni and Napoli: “Do not forget. Now, however, as an opponent …”

Did not participate in training Diego Diem, who continues to stay outside and do individual treatments. The recovery time for the midfielder, who demanded more space at the start of the year, but will not move anyway from Napoli, remains uncertain although his agent fears the possibility.

Napoli, Spalletti angry: face to face with Fiorentina fans

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Napoli, Spalletti angry: face to face with Fiorentina fans

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